3 days of ENCI competition with Jumping, Agility + Open runs + Finals Individual & Team
Saturday evening: Party 🥳🍾🥂

ProsecCup will be hosted at Circolo Ippico del Cristallo, a spacious and modern equestrian center near the city of Treviso.
The 2 main rings will be in the main arena which has a view on the event from the Prosecco bar and restaurant.

The surface is brown sand without textile, the venue has equipment to prepare it perfectly for Agility events. It will be comfortable and safe for both handlers and dogs.

Camping and parking is on-site

The venue is located at 5 minutes from the A4 higway exit and 10 minutes from the historical city center of Treviso.
Venice is only 30km away, a commercial centre is at walking distance (1km)

Circolo Ippico del Cristallo
Via Francesco Baracca 13
31032 Conscio (TV)
link to Google Maps
GPS Coordinates:
45.607397370115855, 12.28971735885244
45° 36' 26.6292" N, 12° 17' 22.9812" E
TAO - ProsecCup is organised by Why Not Dog and IBC (Italian Border Collie Club)